T.J. Holman - Owner

T.J. Opened Show Me SUP Paddleboard rentals and tours in 2018. SUP Mentor Shane Perrin introduced T.J. to SUP in 2015 and since then it has been a drug for him. T.J. lives to spread the love of SUP to the Midwest and saw a need to bring a fun and judgement free environment for people to learn how to “Stand On Water”. Late in 2018 T.J. wanted to bring high end paddleboards without the high end prices to his clients. He partnered with POP Paddleboards to bring everyone an affordable, high quality board they can enjoy our beautiful waters with. TJ loves long walks on the beach, sunsets and wine and his messy grey-ish beard.


Cullee - SUP PUP in training

Stand Up Paddleboarding is not stand up paddleboarding unless you have a doggo. Cullee will be joining Show Me SUP on a few river adventures in 2019. No tree or rock will be safe when he is on the river. Cullee enjoys frisbee, Ball, Cuddling and of course Pizza Crust.